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My First Steps™️ Walking Harness

My First Steps™️ Walking Harness

My First Steps™️ Walking Harness

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Help your baby make there first steps! 

 My First Steps™️ Walking Harness improves your baby's balance and coordination and allows you to keep them close!


Helps boost confidence 

 belt will help your baby gain confidence as they will think they are actually walking on their own. This confidence will quickly developed into independent walking.


Avoid Injuring Your Child

Research has shown that by helping your baby to walk by holding their hands you can easily dislocate their humerus (upper arm bone) from the joint connecting arm to the shoulder.



 Reduces back pain

When you will be teaching your baby how to walk with BabyStep Walking Assistant you will no longer need to bend over.

Five Life Changes to Reduce Back Pain: Bending - Buffalo Rehab Group |  Physical Therapy

Superior quality 

It is made from 100% cotton and mesh. It can support up to 90 lbs.


Baby Walker Baby Harness Assistant Toddler Leash for Kids Learning Walking  Belt | eBay

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